A Most Valuable Lesson

MLM Multi-level Marketing or Network Marketing
Who ever was tempted to get involved in some network marketing endeavor?
I did. It was initially horrible. People would see me coming and hdie or run away.
It wasn’t until I worked smarter that I made any money.
The following story tells it all. The methodology can work for any market at any time.
At the time everyone was sending to everyone else – the MLM company literature or brochure, sign-up form, product samples and usually a note “sign up to my MLM”.
Since everyone was doing it I tried it too. That was a quick way to go broke. When I would send a direct mail package to a prospect – I’d get a mailerback from them for me to join THEIR MLM deal. What a waste of time.
Then I got smart.
I figured out that almost EVERY MLM marketer I was dealing with was doing the same nonsensical method that did not work. I wanted to mail something out that had an impact, actually helped and produced results!
I quickly got to work.
I sought out and compiled the best of the best techniques, tips, methods that the successful MLM folks were using. I spent countless hours n the phone talking to millionaire network marketers. It all started to make sense – and soon I had a compilation of excellent,workable, honest MLM techniques. I titled the report “Power MLM Methods” and it was about 25 pages of amazing and powerful techniques for MLM business people.
I wrote a 4-page sales letter.
I included an offer form. I rented an MLM mailing list. I kept all those offers others sent me, and addressed a envelope to send to them.
Orders started POURING in. In fact no matter what MLM list I mailed to – it made money.
I then remarketed to those folks who ordered my choice of MLM plans. The results were astounding.
I found a way to: Make money while working MLM.
Then things got even more interesing.
Some local MLM folks wanted to do what I was doing.
I created a few “back-end” offers.
I started to offer actual mailing lists. I place 5,000 MLM name and addresses onto a floppy disk and sold a “how to make money with MLM lists” package. My customer would get real value. MLM names on peel and stick labels could cost $300 on the open market and my offer gave them 5,000 names for unlimnited use. They could rent the names out, sell them, produce their own labels and sell them.
My back-end was the mailing list offer.
It was so good I had to buy automated mailing equipment and use it.
Some local MLM folks took notice and also wanted to use my equipment, create their own front-end product and do what I was doing.
My second “back-end” offer was for mailing services!
I then created a series of reports called “MLM BUSINESS SUCCESS REPORTS”. I tried all different price structures $2.95 per report – 5 REPORTSfor $10 and all 12 reports plus a bonus for $20.
Most of the orders were for the entire enchilada – all the reports.
When I mailed the report offer to my own list sometimes the response rate was up to 30%. Every time someone ordered something they would receive also the other offers.
Now I was cooking with gas. A simple self-publishing operation – an making money 5 or 6 different ways.
On top of the direct sales – I got something remarkable …
Yes, each month I would receive checks from the several MLM Plans !!!!
What can you learn from this?
The elements of direct marketing are hidden in this scenario.
Direct mail works.
Your own “front-end” product achieves the ability to make money.
Your own mailing list is critical.
The way to make money is delivering value and offering “back-end” products.
This is the crux, foundation of all successful business – online or offline.
Here’s a photo of the first original Power MLM Methods sales letter