Customer Acquisition

You can use direct mail for customer acquisition . There are many ways.
You can create a compelling sales letter for some amazing FREE content – a FREE EBOOK – A FREE mini-course whereby the prospect opt’s in to your email list.
This method is good for response rates and customer acquisition. Online and off – the goal is to have a low CPA or cost per acquisition – how much, after all costs are tolled does it cost to get that prospect to opt-in.
But that is not good enough using direct mail which tends to be expensive. But lately, the cost of using direct mail is on par with various online methods which is getting more and more expensive.
This is a great way to obtain new customers.
Using the above you have to know your numbers – costs, response rates, lists.
What method would be better?
Perhaps the only better way is to use the method above AND include a call to action for a PAID PRODUCT. This can be a product of your own or an affiliate product. The goal of this method is to bring down costs and get opt-ins
I’ve used both methods. The numbers tell the story.
I’ve both included a sales pitch for a product within the same sales letter which also contained an offer for the FREE product.
A lot depends on yet another number – which you must know – RVC or the “residual value of a customer” in other words, what is the average customer worth to your operation over time.
If your CPA using direct mail is $10 and the RVC is $20 – then it is a profitable campaign.
The name f the game is then, get costs down, get response rates up and make sure your back-end thrives with the opportunity to sell more and more related products.
And alternative to the above methods is the “newsletter marektiing” technique. IF you have a website related domain where you can put up a sales page akin to a newsletter – you can accomplish both getting opt-ins and make sales.
Over the coming months and years the costs of doing it all online are going to go way up making directmail a more viable way to acquire customers.