More Niche Market Ideas

I’m taking a random walk down Clickbank Street – looking for hot niche markets base on affiliate products that are being sold.
I go to the affiliate marketplace
On top right is “advanced search” I plug in $100 for initial sale and $100 in recurring revenue and find…
The higher ticket items are related to online marketing, affiliate marketing, internet marketing. There’s one product geared toward relationships and one product about baseball hitting techniques.
We’re showing 67 products.
There’s a few about weight loss. There’s one about penis enlargement. There’s quite a few “learn a different language” products. There are quite a few “health” related products – from supplement guides to exercise routines. There a few stock market products and a few sports betting offers.
This kind of cements in the idea that the big 3 markets are health wealth and relationships.
The eye-opener was the “learn a language” products. How about a membership site featuring “learn a language” info .. or a blog …
Selecting a niche doesn’t always mean you have to stick to the straight and narrow – you can intelligently inter-mingle markets. Suppose you go with men’s health - you can mingle relationship products- or even sports betting.

Now the question remains - are there mailing lists available for rent? And the resounding answer is YES!