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There is so much potential and upside to using direct mail that I cannot possibly handle it all.

The bottom line is  THIS STUFF WORKS

There are so many niche markets that can be sucessfully tapped using direct mail and the internet.

We can work together on projects.

For example - I'm justnow puttiing together DirectMailAcademy.Com       a membership base training site for direct mail / online marketing.

There's no end to the possibilities to tap verticall markets - weight loss, self-help, copywriting, online stores, dating, natural the list goes on and on.

Let the internet teach you what is extremely viable- look at the already successful campaigns. Look at Facebook ads. Search Clikbank and OfferVault for what ALREADY is successfful then think about how best to convert strictly online strategies to direct mail/online marketing campaigns.

Remember, just ONE good sales letter, one good idea can potentially be worth MILLIONS

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Let me know your goals  there's plenty of upside potentials where everyone can make money and enjoy a thriving business