Self-Publishing Basics

Way back before the internet - way back before MOST people even owned a computer - I self-published a guide book on "how to Make Money With A Personal Computer"

There was no ability to make a course other than in print. So I researched and wrote the guide followed by a 4 page sales letter. At the time you could actually purchase real printed soft cover books for about a dollar.

The original book sold for $12.95 shipping included leaving a lot of built-in profit with which to perform the marketing.

I rented lists of computer users and business opportunity seekers and sold a bunch of the guides.

If I could get a customer to buy for a cost to me in terms of marketing spend for $5 - I'd make a $5 profit.

I had a lost of customers who previously bought something from me and when I mailed the offer - it would generally receive a %17 response rate.

The "back-end" profits came when I mailed to them related offers - such as how to make money on the computer with mailing lists and other business opportunities.

So what does this have to do with today's online market and the internet ? I'll tell you ....


Principles endure it is just the marketing medium that changes.

You need a front-end product with appeal. You need something to offer to the ever-growing list of buyers. You need related offers as follow up profit centers

Just replace the elements above with today's world. Today we use video sales letters, funnels, courses and digital products as well as Email. Right now it probably will not surprise you that, just like back then, the advertising costs take up 50% or more of gross revenue. So the fat cat internet guru who is pitching his $100,000 per month income is probably spending $50,000 to $60,000 on advertising. That's the part they fail to mention.

The fact remains the internet is getting more and more cluttered and advertising costs are steadily rising Direct Mail is back in favor and as good of an advertising venue as anything else.

But hey, that is why you are here - to gain specific usable, powerful tools, techniques and strategies.

Here's a shot of the first page of the sales letter ...

A smart and savvy person can apply the principles both online and using direct mail. There is a guy with a course that, in my opinion is applying it correctly for the online world and teaching others.

Check out his course - CLICK HERE