Work With Me

Work With Me
I urge you to not be afraid of ideas you have for online or direct mail business. Having had many ideas that flopped, I also had several that worked well.
I love working on ideas and seeing them through to fruition. I bet you do too!
There’s a ton of ideas that’ll work. Here’s just a sample. The important thing to understand is, I only want to work with smart, savy,hard-working others who are……
The advanced course will outline ideas that need to be worked on.Advanced members are given from time to time details of projects that need to be developed and, if the stars align, we can work together – joint-venture, co-venture, group-venture .
There’s a lot to be said for taking marketing concepts that have been proven to work and then applying those ideas to the current world.
Let me tell you the easier way that many extremely successful direct marketers boosted their business by 100 or even 1000 fold. This concept, if properly deployed, cost next to nothing! Who would not want to put into practice a methodology that was proven to work yet cost very little by comparison?
Take the amazing success story of ClickFunnels. There was a great need for one platform to integrate the best of the best methodologies. It solved a big problem.
A big problem among online marketers and direct mail marketers alike is how best to obtain prospects inexpensively.
Back in the heyday of direct mail, in the 80’s and 90’s a very smart man found an almost unbelievable secret. He was a info publisher and used direct mail as the main media to attract customers, make sales and enjoy massive success.
He accumulated quite a large list of “opportunity seekers” – buyers and inquirers of various “make money” opportunities. He did very, very well.
A lot of guru types brag about their wealth – even to the point they postpictures of expensive cars and the like. I was paying visit to the mean mentioned at his personal residence – his home office anad out of the corner of my eye I saw a vehicle under cover. “what is it?” I asked … he coyly went over to the car and lifted the cover – a Ford Shelby Cobra!!! I am not kidding .
He went on to tell me that success allowed him to have many toys - expensive toys.
He then outlined a method he had used secretly, consistently in his business that helped him the most in achieving success.

He told me of the hard, difficult way to o it. This involves spending a great deal of money in advertising costs. Sometimes campaigns work – sometimes they do not but the goal of all the efforts result in one extremely valuable asset – the buyer mailing list. All the efforts, all of the expenses and one result – the list!
This buyer list is extremely valuable because MOST of the money is in the back-end, offering similar product or services in the future to the growing list.
A marketers can spend years building a list after knocking their brains out with various offers, campaigns and packages. By the way, most online marketers spend months and years building heir list.
He ended up with a list that was worth MILLIONS in the right hands.
The following concept is so simple but it has to be the most powerful marketing concept on earth! Forget about anything you have ever heard before about marketing. THIS is more powerful. In the right hands this concept, if taken to fruition is probably worth…
Onward .
The gentleman knew there were also about 100 purveyors of “business opportunities” out there in competition with him.What he did was pure genius.
Instead of thinking of the so called competitors as people to avoid –he decided to make them “partners” so to speak.
He reached out with phone calls and letters and explained to the other business owners the fact of the matter … they could spend a million dollars or more building their list- spend countless years.
See, both the marketing guy and the other “business opportunity” publisher were striving for the same thing – the ultimate list of buyers from which to make mega-profits off the “back-end.
Those lists were invaluable. No question about that. The list itself was the accumulation of a lot of hard work and a lot of up-front expense.
He simply offered to TRADE mailing lists- one of his for one of theirs!
Instead of waiting years, and spending untold money – with one phone call you could double, sometimes triple or quadruple your business with one phone call!
Imagine- getting the results of millions in advertising for the cost of a letter or phone call!!!
If you built a large responsive list it might have been worth a million or more dollars if you worked the back-end properly. With one phone call you could have increase your own business by a million dollars or more!
Do you see the pure genius in this concept?
Today,on the internet there are obscure but very real laws preventing the sharing of personal information including the renting,sharing, trading or selling Emails!
Sure, they do it – email lists ARE available for rent –but go ahead and start sending emails to an email list that I not opt-in to your particular list and chances are you’ll be fined or worse, imprisoned!
The way around this on the web is you can get list owners, who O have permission to email their own list for a solo ad.
Solo ads are one way around the complex, often overlooked privacy laws.
In effect, when placing also a you are in fact, renting use of someone else’s list
But as far as I can tell, there is no place, no marketplace, no website where the goal is to TRADE email solo ads.
I think you will agree, there is a great need for the ability to TRADE solo ads, which is in effect, trading use of email lists.
There’s probably hundreds of thousands of “online marketers” of all types who would utilize such a service! Not just small online ventures but large, multi-million dollar operations, national and global brands.
A stellar concept is born – welcome to SoloAdTrader.Com
The website is not built out yet. I’d like to co-develop it with a smart, savvy ,honest other who understands it is potentially a BILLION OLLAR IDEA.
Could it be a simple membership site? A directory? A Members only site?
How could it be monetized?
Get your thinking cap on for when you sign-up for the ADVANCED training –I spill the beans on many such conceptual problem solving ideas!
Solve a problem –make some money-solve a looming global very real problem that millions of marketers have – potentially earn many millions!
See you in the advanced training!